Canon i560 Series, How do I install the software or driver for Windows?

Solution: Install the printer driver using the prepackaged CD - "i" Series (Windows)

Install the printer driver using the prepackaged CD (Windows)

Instructions to install the printer driver for the using the prepackaged CD (Windows)

Note: The CD-ROM packaged with your printer will not work in Windows Vista. A driver for your printer was installed on your computer when Windows Vista was installed. Simply connect your printer to the computer and turn it on. Windows will recognize your printer and install the driver.

Before installing the printer driver, confirm that the printer is powered off.

  1. Set the prepackaged CD into the computer. (The installer starts automatically, and the following window is displayed.)

  2. Select 'Printer Driver' on the left side in the window, and click 'Install'. (The Printer Port dialog box is displayed.)

    Note: Click 'Readme' to refer to notices on installation.

    Initially, the manual is installed.

    The Printer Port dialog box is displayed.

  3. Confirm that printer and computer are connected, and turn the printer on.
    Note: To display the explanation about the printer port, click 'Help'.


  4. The Printer port window will be displayed while automatic recognition is performed. (After automatic recognition is completed, the window will close automatically.)Note: It may take a while to recognize the printer automatically. If the automatic recognition is not completed, re-connect the printer cable again. If you want to select the port, check Select printer port, and click 'Manual' selection.

    When the printer driver installation is completed, the message below is displayed. (Installation of the manual and printer driver, and the system setting change are completed.)

  5. Click 'OK'.
    Note: If a BJ Raster Printer was previously installed, the following message may appear.

  6. Click 'Yes' to restart the system.Note: In the Windows 98/Me environment, if a BJ Raster Printer was previously installed, it may be necessary to re-start the computer in order for the USB port driver to be updated. In this case, click 'OK' to re-start the system and begin the installation process again.

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