HP Photosmart 8000 printer set up, driver and software

The basic step to set up this printer is to get the correct driver installed into your PC. You need to make sure what OS you are using e.g. win Xp, Win 2000, vista, MAC and etc...
Below is the basic step for you to install the printer software,

Use an automated tool (utility) to ensure your software is current and to correct many installation issues

 NOTE: This utility only works on printers connected directly to a computer with a USB or parallel cable.

The HP Photosmart Check utility looks to see if the software/driver for the printer connected to your computer needs an update, verifies the product is set up correctly, automatically fixes some issues if the product is not set up correctly, and then helps update or reinstall the software if necessary.

Use this utility if you have been unsuccessful in installing the software/driver or if your printer is already connected and installed and you want to see if a more current driver is available.

Install the software

CAUTION: Do not connect the USB cable until you are prompted to do so.

  1. Insert the HP Photosmart CD into the computer.

    If instructions do not display automatically, select Run from the Windows Start menu, click Browse , navigate to the CD drive where you inserted the HP Photosmart software CD, and then double-click the SETUP.EXE file.

  2. Follow the onscreen instructions to begin installing the software.

  3. When prompted, choose the installation type: Full (Recommended) or Express .

     NOTE: The Express installation type is the only option for Windows 98 and Me systems.

  4. When prompted, connect the USB cable to the USB port on the back of the printer. It may take several minutes (possibly longer on older systems) to establish a connection and copy the files.

  5. When the Congratulations page displays, click Print a Test page .

If the above still unsuccesful, you may need to download the drivers from the HP website, make sure you know the exact model of your 8000 series, you can get details about the printer at below link...

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