Canon i850 Series Install the printer driver after download

If you have problem with your Canon i850 printer and you have absolute everything that you can think of but still can't find why is it not printing, I suggest you reinstall the Canon i850 printer driver

WARNING: Before you install the Canon i850 printer driver you MUST make sure the driver is compatible with your OS i.e. do not install driver for window 2000 into your PC with window XP this will cause you all the funny problem later....
If you do not know  your driver is correct for your OS read here or if you do not have the driver you can get them from here.

 Below is some steps to install Canon i850 driver for window but if you have MAC you can find details here

Install the printer driver after download (Windows)

Note: Before installing the
  printer driver, confirm that the printer is powered OFF.

  1. Double-click the downloaded driver file. 

    Note: If a Security warning
      message appears click 'Run'.



  2. Click 'OK' to decompress the driver files. The driver files will
      decompress to a folder in the same location as the original file.


Note: Some drivers will begin to
  install automatically at this point. Please skip to Step 4. if installation
  begins automatically.

  • Open the decompressed folder, and double-click the Setup.exe




    Note: The icon display may
      vary depending on the version.


  • The following screen will be displayed. If application software or
      anti-virus software is running, close them. When the following screen is
      displayed, click 'Next'.






    Note: The screen display may
      vary depending on the Windows version or the printer driver version.


  • The Select Your Place of Residence window is displayed.
      Select the place of your residence, then click 'Next'.




  • The Software License Agreement screen will be





      Read the above license agreement. Click 'Yes'. The installation will start.
      Clicking 'No' will cause installation to fail.






    Note: In Windows98/Me, if the
      BJ raster printer driver has been installed previously, a system restart may
      be required to update the USB port driver. In this case, follow the
      instructions, click 'OK', and the system will be restarted. Re-install the
      printer driver.


  • The Printer port screen will be displayed. 


  • Examine the cable connection between the printer and the computer, then
      power ON the printer. The Printer port screen is displayed
      for a moment to detect a printer port. When the printer port is
      automatically detected, the screen will disappear.


      Note: If a printer port is not
      detected successfully, disconnect and re-connect the printer cable. When you
      select a preferred printer port, select 'Select printer port', then click
      'Manual' selection.




  • When the installation is completed, the following message will be




  • Click 'Finish' to complete the setup program. This shows the
      installation completion. The System Settings Change window
      is displayed.


    Note: If the BJ raster printer
      driver has been installed before, the following message may be displayed.




      If so, click 'OK' to restart the system. This
      completes the printer driver installation.

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