HP DeskJet F380 driver, manual and software download including for vista

To Install your Printer you must required a driver. To get the driver you need to make sure the type of vista you are using normal of 64x. There are also other driver for HP DeskJet F380 as below
 » Linux
 » Mac OS X
 » Microsoft Windows 2000
 » Microsoft Windows 98
 » Microsoft Windows 98SE
 » Microsoft Windows ME
 » Microsoft Windows Vista
 » Microsoft Windows Vista (64-bit)
 » Microsoft Windows XP
 » Microsoft Windows XP x64

It is also highly recommended for you to check you registry status to make sure there is no conflict. You can scan your registry from this link click here

You can download the HP DeskJet F380 driver, manual,software and information from this link click here

What if you have problem with your printer, you can read some of the common problem and how to solve the issue here

One of the common issue is higlihted here
ISSUE: Blinking lights after catridge installation

After one or both of the print cartridges are installed or when the print cartridge door is opened, the check print cartridge light begins to blink.
Figure 1: Blinking check print cartridge light

The All-in-One will not print, and one of the following error messages might appear on the computer:
The cover is open (Print cartridge door)
The Black print cartridge is missing, not detected, or incorrectly installed(right side)
The color print cartridge is missing, not detected, or incorrectly installed (Left side)
Print cartridge(s) problem (Tri-color / Black color)
Incorrect print cartridge(s)- The following print cartridge is not intended for the use in this printer

Complete the following steps, in order, until the issue is resolved.
Step one: Close the door
If the print cartridge door is open, close it.
Figure 2: Closing the print cartridge door

Step two: Determine which cartridge is causing the problem
If the All-in-One is connected to a computer, and if the HP software is installed on the computer, an error message might appear on the computer.
If the error message indicates that a specific cartridge is the problem cartridge, click here to skip to Step Three .
If the error message does not identify which cartridge is faulty, remove one of the cartridges and then try printing from the computer. If the job prints, the cartridge that was removed is faulty. If the job does not print, replace the cartridge and remove the other cartridge from the All-in-One. Try printing with the other cartridge. If the job prints, the missing cartridge is faulty. If the job does not print, both cartridges are faulty. Use the procedure in Step Four to clean the faulty cartridge (or to clean both cartridges if both are faulty).
 NOTE:  This All-in-One supports reserve-mode printing (from the computer only) when any single cartridge is installed. An error symbol (E) appears on the front panel, and the check print cartridge light continues to blink.

Make sure that the installed cartridges are compatible with the All-in-One. Click here to check the cartridge compatibility. (bpa00585) (in English)
Step three: Remove and reseat the problem cartridge
If the problem continues, the electrical contact between the cartridges and the All-in-One might be bad. Removing and reseating the cartridges might help.
Open the print cartridge door and wait for the cartridges to come to the center.
Press down on the top of the problem cartridge. When it snaps forward, lift it from the print carriage.
Figure 3: Pressing down on the problem cartridge

Figure 4: Lifting to remove the problem cartridge

If tape is covering the nozzles on the cartridge, remove it. Do not remove the copper-colored strip.
Figure 5: Removing the tape

Reinstall the cartridge by sliding it forward into the empty slot. Then gently push the upper part of the cartridge forward until it clicks into position.
Step four: Clean the contacts on the problem cartridge
If the light continues to blink, use the following procedure to clean the electrical contacts.
Gather the following items to clean the cartridge and print carriage:
Clean, distilled water --use bottled or filtered water if distilled water is not available.
Clean cotton swabs or any soft, lint-free material that will not stick to the cartridges (coffee filters work well)
Remove the cartridge, and place it on a piece of paper with the nozzles facing up.
 NOTE:  Complete this cleaning procedure quickly, so that the cartridge is not outside of the All-in-One for more than 30 minutes. The ink can dry and clog the nozzles if the cartridge is outside of the All-in-One for too long.

Unplug the All-in-One.
Dip a swab in the clean water and then squeeze it to remove most of the moisture. The swab should only be slightly damp.
Clean the print cartridge contacts. Avoid touching the nozzles.
Figure 6: Cleaning the print cartridge contacts

Clean the contacts on the print carriage inside the All-in-One.
Figure 7: Print carriage

Figure 8: Cleaning the gold-colored contacts on the print carriage

Wait 10 minutes to allow the cartridge to dry. Then reinstall the cartridge, plug in the All-in-One, and close the print cartridge door.
Step five: Reset the All-in-One
If the problem continues, follow these steps:
Leave the All-in-One turned on and disconnect the universal serial bus (USB) cable from the back of the All-in-One.
Open the print cartridge door and remove the print cartridges.
Close the print cartridge door and wait for the Insert Ink Cartridges message to appear.
Without turning the power off, disconnect the power cord from the back of the All-in-One, and wait 1 minute.
Reconnect the power cord. If the All-in-One does not automatically turn on, press the Power button.
Open the print cartridge door and reinstall the print cartridges.
Close the print cartridge door. If prompted, follow the prompts to print a calibration page.
Reconnect the USB cable and try to initiate a print job from the computer.
Step six: Change the cartridges
If the problem continues, either the All-in-One is defective or one or more print cartridges are defective.
If you have not already replaced one or both cartridges to try to solve this problem, replace the problem cartridge or cartridges now. Click here to see if your cartridge is covered under warranty. (c00059195) (in English)
Step seven: Print in backup (reserve) mode
If you do not have a replacement print cartridge, you can print in the ink backup (reserve) mode until the issue is resolved. Simply remove the problem cartridge and print with the remaining cartridge.
If the tri-color cartridge is removed, printouts will be in greyscale.
If the black or photo cartridge is removed, the All-in-One will print more slowly, and the colors in the printouts might differ from the colors that are produced when the other cartridge is also used.
Step eight: Service the product
If you have completed all the steps listed above and are still experiencing a problem, service the product.

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