HP Photosmart s20 Photo Scanner Driver, manual, Software download and troubleshooting tips

To Install your Printer you must required a driver. To get the driver you need to make sure the type of vista you are using normal of 64x. There are also other driver for HP Photosmart s20
Normal OS in the market are…
  » Linux
 » Mac OS 9
 » Mac OS X
 » Microsoft Windows 2000
 » Microsoft Windows 98SE
 » Microsoft Windows ME
 » Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
 » Microsoft Windows Server 2003
 » Microsoft Windows Server 2003 64-Bit Edition
 » Microsoft Windows Server 2008 W32
 » Microsoft Windows Server 2008 x64
 » Microsoft Windows Vista
 » Microsoft Windows Vista (64-bit)
 » Microsoft Windows XP
 » Microsoft Windows XP x64

It is also highly recommended for you to check you registry status to make sure there is no conflict. You can scan your registry from this link click here

You can download the HP Photosmart s20driver, manual,software and information from this link click here

If yo have problem with your printe you may want to check this link to get more details support.

Cannot find calibration card or calibration card is missing.

Measure and cut a sheet of white paper to the approximate size of 5.28 x 7 inches (134 mm x 177 mm). Use this sheet to calibrate scanner.
 NOTE:  Do not use notebook paper or any other paper with lines on it. Be sure to use completely blank white paper.

This is an alternative for a lost or missing calibration card. The calibration process only looks at the white portion of the calibration card.

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