Acer Travelmate 242LC

How do you conect a

Problem with the PC Laptops

How do you conect a remote monitor to a Acer Travelmate 242LC


YOu need to use external VGA port. Normally you can find this at the back of the laptops. For more clear photo indication

Rear view

# Icon Item Description

1 Three USB 2.0 ports Connect to USB 2.0 devices

(e.g., USB mouse, USB camera).

2 Ventilation slots Enable the computer to stay cool, even after

prolonged use.

3 Modem (RJ-11) port Connects to a phone line.

4 Ethernet (RJ-45)


Connects to an Ethernet 10/100/1000-based


# Icon Item Description

1 DC-in jack Connects to an AC adapter.

2 External display

(VGA) port

Connects to a display device

(e.g., external monitor, LCD projector).

3 Battery Powers the computer.

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